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Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Mitigating the Economic Impact of COVID-19

We proudly support the Global Black Youth (GBY) Webinar Series in its effort to create meaningful dialogue on the current crisis as well as promote innovative, approaches and initiatives, encourage collaboration between participants across regions and continents, strengthen resilience and sustainable development and in the process find common ground, solidify ties, and promote cultural, educational and leadership development. In part three of this webinar series, GBY takes a look at Technology, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship: Innovative Solutions to COVID-19

  • It is evident that COVID-19 will have long lasting economic consequences, especially in Black communities hit hardest by the pandemic. Yet, even in these uncertain times, there are already a myriad of responses and varying measures of preparedness coming from Black leaders, disruptors and entrepreneurs to mitigate this inevitable fall out.

  • Our third panel features the insights of young Black entrepreneurs and ecosystem players who are rising above the present challenges, building new avenues for their businesses and revolutionizing economic markets to fortify Black communities against the economic devastation of the disease and efforts to mitigate it.

Register here to discuss these innovative solutions Yours in Leadership 

Global Black Youth Webinar Series Part II Thursday, May 21th, 2020 10:00am EDT / 2:00pm GMT / 5:00pm EAT

Healthcare and Science: Innovation Solutions to COVID-19. 

For full program details please click here. (PDF)

The Black Communities Respond to Covid-19 Webinar Series hosted by Global Black Youth is in partnership with The Portulans Institute as well as Internet Without Borders, Open Think Tank Network, The Youth Café, Pan-African Council, Global Business School Network, Webroots Democracy, Civic Tech Innovation Network, African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe, University of Pretoria, and the ACP Young Professionals Network will bring together bright minds in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION

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