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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Injustice only thrives when good-hearted humans keep silent.


Here is a link to a compilation of all the resources that folks have been sending my way:

Here are 7 ways to support this never-ending fight against #RACISM and all the other #ISMS that lead to Social Injustices.

If you're feeling powerless in the wake of the heinous killings of George Floyd and countless other black and brown victims, here are a few causes worth your hard-earned donation.

Minnesota Freedom Fund The MFF is a local organization that pays for criminal bails and immigration bonds, and has vowed to help free protesters incarcerated by police. As of Friday there have been thousands of new donors to the fund, with many contributors on social media matching pledges within their networks. Give here.

If You Want to Help Protesters with Legal Fees:

Know Your Rights Camp Founded by Colin Kaepernick, the Know Your Rights Camp works to empower black and brown communities by providing free education and other resources. Its latest initiative in Minnesota is focused on hiring defense attorneys for anyone arrested protesting police brutality. Donate here. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) The ACLU is a nationwide nonprofit that operates in all 50 states and provides legal assistance wherever civil liberties are at risk. "Make no mistake: George Floyd should be alive today," ACLU policing policy advisor Paige Fernandez said in a statement. "The officers responsible must be held accountable. The public has seen the video. To call this a 'medical incident' is an insult." You can donate to the local chapter in Minnesota here.

If You Want Every Vote to Count:

Fair Fight The dearth of humane political leadership in moments of crisis can make anyone feel hopeless. Fair Fight, an organization focused on free and fair elections, was founded by Georgia democrat Stacey Abrams with a mission to end voter suppression and elect more progressive voices to public office. You can donate here.

If You Want to Ensure the Freedom of the Press:

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) With the media a frequent target of the president, press freedoms are more vital than ever. (On Friday alone, Minnesota state police arrested a black CNN reporter live on air for no clear reason.) CPJ is an independent organization that fights against press freedom violations worldwide, both through diplomatic efforts and by working with local legal organizations. Donate here.

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