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Intermediate Group French Lessons (starting April 11th)

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Congratulations! If you've made it this far, that means you are able to understand basic conversational French topics, you know the words for most common nouns, you have a basic grasp of all the French verb tenses and grammatical structures, and feel comfortable constructing and speaking basic sentences of your own. As you move on to the advance level, you will
  • Learn the less common French verb tenses, including the past subjunctive and the passé simple.
  • Look over our vocabulary lessons to see if there are any words you don’t know.
  • Understand the idiosyncratic uses of certain structures in French, including using il est or c’est, how to structure sentences with comparatives or superlatives, and using interrogative pronouns and other uses.
This 5 week program of one hour long sessions will help you to learn the basics and essentials of the French language. These classes will be offered via Skype. A Skype invitation will be sent to each of you upon receipt of payment.
As intermediate students, we want to make your learning experience as proactive as possible. We will conduct many interactive activities that will in fact allow me to be engaged with you in real time. More details will be shared during your first session.
You will received an attached document of the curriculum upon payment.


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