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Exclusive International Student Work-Study Program

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This partnership is with Pacific Link College. Undergraduate and Post-graduate students are welcome to apply for this International Student Work Study program. Pacific college. The cost of this package covers application fees and handling/service charges. Potential jobs include 10-month long posts within hospitals/care sector with a minimum $22 per hour, tourism/business hospitality management, digital media, information and communication technology,cosmetology,children and language assistant, etc.

Package Highlights

  • Intake is every month
  • English-speaking students from China, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, & Mauritius are exempt from writing English exams (Students from any country are welcome to apply, but will be required to take an English as a Foreign Language test)
  • Tuition-fee is normally $20,000 for 2 years full package (Currently, we are offering scholarships until March at a discounted price of ~ $12,900 for two years)

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